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Our Menu



(Choose 3 items below)
4 Wings | 4 Mozzarella Sticks | Clam Strips | 3 Chicken Tenders | 4 Conch Fritters | Cheese Fries | 5 Fried Oysters


Corn tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese, tomato, jalapeños, with a side of sour cream and salsa

Add on: Chicken $4.50 | Beef $4.50 | Shrimp $8.00 | Lump Crab $12.00

$8.99Philly Steak Eggrolls

Egg rolls filled with Philly style cheese steak, deep fried, and served with a side of ranch

$7.59Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Breaded and fried, and served with a side of marinara

$8.59Conch Fritter

Tender pieces of conch seasoned, battered and fried to a golden crisp, served with remoulade

$7.99Loaded Cheese Fries

A basket of French Fries topped with nacho cheese, bacon, jalapeños, served with side of sour cream


Hand breaded and deep fried to a golden brown and served with Sweet Thai Chili

$8.59Signature Yummy Crab Dip

Our signature Yummy Sauce infused with Lump Crab meat, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, served cold with Captain Wafers

$9.59Boatload of Mussels

A pound of New England Black Mussels sautéed in our signature Yummy Sauce

$9.99Yummy Crab Cake

House made with Lump Crab meat, served with remoulade

$9.99Soft Shell Crab

Lightly breaded whole crab gently fried and served with our signature Yummy Sauce

$14.59Deep Fried Lobster Bites

Hand breaded, beer battered Maine Lobster tail pieces, deep fried and served with a side of remoulade

$7.996 Pieces Chicken Wings

Tossed in your choice of Mild | Medium | Hot | BBQ | Honey BBQ | Lemon Pepper | Teriyaki | Sweet Thai Chili

$12.9912 Pieces Chicken Wings

Tossed in your choice of Mild | Medium | Hot | BBQ | Honey BBQ | Lemon Pepper | Teriyaki | Sweet Thai Chili


Choice of steamed or raw and served on the half shell with crackers, lemon and cocktail sauce (add yummy sauce $1.50)

6 pieces $8.19 | 12 pieces $15.19

Dinner Entrée

All entrées are served with your choice of two sides

$15.99Fried Shrimp

Delicious, hand battered shrimp fried to golden brown served with lemon and cocktail sauce

$22.19Crab Cake

House made with lump crab meat, served with remoulade

$31.99Lobster Tail Dinner

Two tender Maine Lobster Tails, broiled and finished to a golden brown with Old Bay, butter, lemon, with a side of Yummy Sauce

$19.99Combination Platter

Create your own combination platter with a choice of two of the following items: Fried Shrimp | Fried Oysters | Grilled Tilapia | Fried Clam Strips


Served Steamed, Flat Top Grilled, Blackened or Fried with a choice of two sides


Sweet mild taste with a medium –firm, flaky texture

$17.99Mahi Mahi

Lean, sweet flavored, white fish with a moderately firm texture


Lean, moist fish with a distinct yet mild flavor, large flakes and firm texture


Rich in flavor, this pink colored fish is high in protein with a lush texture

Sides $2.99


$2.99Cajun Fries

$2.99Mashed Potatoes


$2.99Green Beans

$2.99Steamed Rice

$2.99Corn on the Cob

$2.99Onion Rings

Premium Sides $3.99


$3.99Loaded Mashed Potatoes

$3.99Yummy Rice

$3.99 Asparagus

$3.99Cheese Fries

$3.99Caesar Side Salad

Yummy Sauce

Side of Extra Yummy Sauce

Small (3 oz.) $1.50 | Large (6 oz.) $3.00

Yummy Sauce to Go

Small (8 oz.) $4.00 | Medium (16 oz.) $8.00 | Large (32 oz.) $16.00

Yummy Platter

Huge and perfect for sharing! Full platter feeds up to four people

Steamed Tower

Snow Crab, Clams, Mussels, Crawfish, Shrimp, corn on the cob, red potatoes, and Sausage with Yummy Sauce on the side

Single Tower $28.99 | Half Tower $54.99 | Full Tower $99.99

Hand Breaded Fried Tower

Oyster, Clam Strips, Conch Fritter, Calamari, Shrimp, Tilapia, Cajun Fries, and Coleslaw

Single Tower $25.99 | Half Tower $49.99 | Full Tower $89.99

$29.99Half Crustacean Platter

1 Lobster Tail and 1 Snow Crab Cluster steamed to perfection served with Yummy Sauce, drawn butter, and a choice of 2 sides

$39.99Full Crustacean Platter

1 Lobster Tail and 2 Snow Crab Cluster steamed to perfection served with Yummy Sauce, drawn butter, and a choice of 2 sides

Create Your Own Seafood Boil

Includes sausage, corn on the cob, and red potatoes
(Add Additional Eggs for $1.99)

Minimum two items for half pound to include sides

$12.001 lb. Blue Crab (Seasonal)

$6.001/2 lb. Blue Crab (Seasonal)

$12.001 lb. Crawfish

$6.001/2 lb. Crawfish

$12.001 lb. Mussel

$6.001/2 lb. Mussel

$14.001 lb. Green Mussel

$7.001/2 lb. Green Mussel

$10.001 lb. Clam

$5.001/2 lb. Clam

$18.001 lb. Shrimp (Head off)

$9.001/2 lb. Shrimp (Head off)

$18.001 lb. Shrimp (Head on)

$9.001/2 lb. Shrimp (Head on)

$24.001 lb. Snow Crab

$15.00Lobster Tail (6oz. Each)

$28.001 lb. Dungeness Crab

$38.001 lb. King Crab

Yummy Crab Boil

The secret is from the sea. All boil combinations are served with corn, potato, and sausage infused with our house made Yummy Sauce and spice of your choice. No substitutions.

(Add Eggs for $1.99)

Choice of Yummy Sauce Seasoning infused with the boil or on the side

Choice of spice level you prefer for the boil:
Mild, Medium, Spicy, Extra Spicy

$28.99On the Docks

Blue Crab, Mussel, Clam, Shrimp, and Crawfish

$32.99Ocean Floor

Blue Crab, Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, and Mussel

$39.99Nothing but Net

Lobster Tail, Snow Crab, Shrimp, and crawfish

$36.99Right off the Boat

Dungeness, Snow Crab, and Shrimp

$31.99Fisherman’s Hook

Snow Crab, Shrimp, Mussel, and Clam

$49.99Captain's Catch

Live Lobster, Dungeness or Snow Crab and Shrimp

$59.99Ultimate Crab

Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab and Blue Crab

$79.992 Stranded at Sea

Whole Live Lobster, Snow Crab, Shrimp, Mussel, and Clam, with double the sides including eggs

Lite Menu

All entrées are served with your choice of one side


House made patties served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and cheese on a toasted Brioche bun

$10.99Chicken Tender

Served grilled, blackened, or deep fried, with a side honey mustard

$14.99Fried Oysters

Lightly battered and deep fried to a crispy golden perfection

$15.49Blackened Mahi Sandwich

Grilled to perfection served on a toasted Brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and side of tartar sauce

$17.49Fried Grouper Sandwich

Deep fried served on a toasted Brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and side of tartar sauce


$23.99Cajun Seafood Linguini

Creamy Alfredo sauce served with Cajun infused Shrimp, in-shell Mussels, Clams, and sausage with red peppers, tossed with fettuccini and topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese

$20.99Fettuccini Alfredo

Served with Chicken, Shrimp, and Red Peppers topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese


Served with your choice of dressing;
Ranch | Honey Mustard | Balsamic | Italian | Blue Cheese | Oil & Vinegar

$9.99Spinach Salad

A fresh bed of Spinach topped with egg, cucumber, onion, tomato, bacon, croutons, and parmesan cheese

Add on: Chicken $4.00 | Shrimp $8.00 | Salmon $10.00

$8.19Caesar Salad

A fresh bed of romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing, topped with bacon, parmesan cheese, and croutons

Add on: Chicken $4.00 | Shrimp $8.00 | Salmon $10.00

$9.99Soup & Salad Combo

A bowl of your choice, Clam Chowder, Lobster Bisque, or Seafood Gumbo, with a small house salad


Lobster Bisque

Smooth and creamy with bits of real lobster meat

Cup $4.99 | Bowl $6.99

Seafood Gumbo

Bold, full of flavor with chunks of vegetables, rice, white fish and shrimp

Cup $4.99 | Bowl $6.99

New England Clam Chowder

Made from scratch, with real clams

Cup $4.99 | Bowl $6.99

Live Seafood

Live Seafood

All Seafood is delivered Live, from the water to the table. Optional to have cleaned or served whole


Steamed Maine Lobster with a choice of two sides Market

Dungeness Crab

Steamed with a choice of two sides Market

Drink Menu

Signature Cocktails

Crabby Punch

House Favorite
A favorable punch, fresh muddled fruit mixed with Don Julio, Tito’s, Sugar Island Coconut, and Myer’s Rum in our Yummy Crab Souvenir Cup

Tequila Sunrise

Olmeca Altos Reposado, orange & pineapple juice with mango and grenadine

Palm Breeze

Sugar Island Coconut Rum mixed with Midori Mellon liqueur and pineapple juice

Old Fashioned

Bullet Rye, muddled orange & cherry, sugar and bitters over a large cube. Garnished with a maraschino cherry

Moscow Mule

Fresh muddled mint & lime with Stoli Vodka, simple syrup topped with fresh ginger beer
Add Flavors for and extra charge

Bloody Crab

House Favorite
Tito’s vodka paired with ZingZang, Worcestershire, fresh lime squeezed, garnished with our yummy soft shell crab & olives

Tropical Mojito

Your choice of: Strawberry, Coconut, Mango, Spicy Mango, Peach, Pineapple flavored rum, lime, mint, and soda

Shark Attack

House Favorite
Stoli Vodka with Mango, Pineapple & grenadine work to ease your pain after a shark attack

Yummy Rummy

House Favorite
Contains 5 flavors of Cruzan Rum infested with a gummy surprise, watch out!!


Lemon Drop

Absolute Citron, triple sec, simple syrup, and fresh squeezed lemon juice with a lemon twist


Absolute Lime mixed with triple sec, cranberry juice and fresh lime juice

Hennessey Manhattan

Made with Hennessey VS, sweet vermouth, bitters with maraschino cherry


Yummy Margarita

House Favorite
Made with our house blend margarita mix, Olmeca Altos Gold Tequila and shaken to perfection!
Add mango or strawberry for an extra charge

Jalapeño Margarita

This spicy Casa Noble Margarita creates a party in your mouth combining sugar, spice & everything nice!

Perfect Patron™

Patron Silver topped with Cointreau sends your taste buds tingling in a perfect way

Beaches Best Margarita

Made with Don Julio & floated with Grand Marnier™. Two words, Top Shelf!

Island Sangria

Red or White Sangria

Muddled fruit, flavored liqueur, Stoli Pineapple Crush Vodka & orange juice topped with Sprite

Frozen Drinks

Coastal Cruiser Colada

Cruise the east coast with our take on the classic colada. Made with Cruzan 151 & Sugar Island Coconut Rum

Daiquiri Breeze

Feel that? It’s your taste buds sipping on this delicious blend of Rum and your choice of Mango, or Strawberry Flavor Bacardi

Draft Beer

Bud Light

Miller Lite

Yuengling Amber Lager

Atlantic Beach 2 Min IPA

Angry Orchard

Blue Moon

Dos Equis

Engine 15 J-Ville Lager Light Lager

Intuition I-10 IPA

Sam Adams Seasonal

Stella Artois

Cigar City Jai Alai IPA

Bottle & Can Beer

Bud Light


Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite

Coors Light

Amstel Light

Angry Orchard

Bell’s Two-Hearted IPA


Corona Light

Founder’s All Day IPA


Landshark Lager

Samuel Adams

Sierra Pale Ale

Cigar City Apple Pie Cider

Duke’s Brown Ale

Oskar Blue’s

Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Guinness (15oz)

White Claw

Mango | Lime | Raspberry | Black Cherry

Pinot Noir

Red Wines

Estancia, Monterey Co

Possesses luscious flavors of berries, baking spices, and cherries

Meiomi, Monterey Co

Boysenberry, dark cherry, blackberry & strawberry notes provide a deep berry finish

Red Blend

Red Wines

7 Moons, California

Dark fruit aromas that are laced with chocolate and vanilla overtones. Tastes smooth, soft and sweet filled with tons of ripe fruit


Red Wines

V.No, Mendoza

Flavors of blackberry, plum and licorice, backed by aromas of freshly turned earth and dense, chewy tannins

Gascón, Argentina

Elegant and soft, this Malbec contains flavors of dark berries and mocha


Red Wines

The Velvet Devil, Washington

Pure aromas of red and blue fruit. The flavors are sweet and fresh, with the tannins bringing a light grip

Sterling Vineyard, Napa Valley

Aromas of blackberry fruit, plum and ripe black cherry

Cabernet Sauvignon

Red Wines

Ravage, California

Flavors of dark berries layered with luscious vanilla and mocha to round out the palate

Tom Gore, Sonoma Co

Aromas rich in cherry & dark chocolate with hints of tobacco leaf & leather

Simi, Sonoma Co

This wonderful balance of red & black berries along with a soft spice create a smooth & velvety finish

Franciscan, Napa Valley

Blackberry and dark cherry with hints of peppercorn, dark chocolate, & musk


White Wines

Kendal Jackson, California

Creamy texture, fresh on the palate, leading to a lingering finish

Talbott Kali, Monterey Co

Lush tropical fruit, toasty oak and minerals with a soft clean finish

Pinot Grigio

White Wines

J Vineyards, California

Flavors of melon, papaya and pineapple, coupled with juicy, mouth-cleansing acidity

Sauvignon Blanc

White Wines

Oyster Bay, New Zealand

Strong in citrus & other tropical flavors creating a fruity & zesty finish

Drylands, New Zealand

Layers of passion fruit and pink grapefruit with hints of tropical fruit, melon, and fresh herb


White Wines

T Schmitt Mosel, Germany

Lush peach and tangerine wine with a wide appeal


White Wines

Corvo, Italy

Intense and harmonious with clear notes of peach, honey, and apricot


La Marca Prosecco, Italy (Split)

Sparkling wine full in fruity & pleasant acidity containing apple, white peach and honeysuckle

Meiomi, Monterey Co

Flavors of crunchy pears, zesty citrus, and a layer of honey with a fresh minerality

18% gratuity may be added to a party of six or more, all you can eat blue crabs,

For the Health & Safety of Our Esteemed Guests: Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness. Please alert your server of any food allergies immediately. We are not responsible for a guest’s allergic reaction to our food and ingredients, so please take proper precautions. Thank you!